“Whether as a client in the past, or latterly as a trusted advisor and consultant,
David consistently delivers authority, common sense, and imaginative insights to our business.”
- Tim Ogle, Former European CEO, Market Force

Who is David?

14 January, 2011

David MartinDavid Martin has over 10 years of experience of managing research teams and projects for major PLC’s in the hospitality industry.

Working with trusted associates we have an ability to blend quantitative and qualitative information, and we know how to distill the nuggets
and highlight the ‘red circles’ – from within the bigger picture.

What can I do for you?

I sense we are getting saturated with surveys. They seem to follow almost every commercial transaction or interaction. But quantity doesn’t mean quality. It’s worth asking if we are posing the right questions to the right people, or whether standard off the shelf processes and questions fail to pick up warning signals in crowded and […]

Our provincial cities are reviving, finally. After decades of decline and socio-economic ‘hollowing out’, as the better-off moved out to the suburbs and beyond, the city centres are being reinvented – and they are back in fashion: the number of residents aged 20-29 in large-city centres nearly tripled between 2001 and 2011 according to The […]

Individuality – more of the extra, less of the ordinary

November 5, 2015

“I’ll have what she’s having” – the so-called ‘Meg Ryan theory of social conditioning’, referencing an infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally, filmed at Katz’s Deli in New York City. The ‘social conditioning’ argument dates from a 2003 Market Research paper, by Mark Earls, then at Ogilvy, and his ‘herd theory’ of consumer behaviour. […]

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The Parent Trap

June 21, 2015

Generation X, Generation Y, and now, with alphabetic predictability, along comes Generation Z. I wonder what comes next. But we can be sure that offspring generally tend to behave differently to their parents. As Darren Tristano at Technomic puts it, in a New York Times piece: “the millennials today in the 21-to-35 age range are […]

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Feedback overload

February 10, 2015

Feedback is popping up all over the place – yet I wonder as a researcher, if it is all getting just a bit overcooked. Consumers are asked for their opinion so often and in so many different situations, they would be forgiven making feedback the new F-word. I’m the last person to dismiss the value […]

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An inconvenient truth

April 26, 2014

Society is becoming increasingly more individual – but we still demonstrate our ability to think like sheep. Tesco-bashing seems, for some reason, to have turned into a national sport, coincident with our sudden conversion to those lovable limited range discount stores and so-called ‘convenience’ stores (with their higher prices). But here’s the thing. Modern-day consumers […]

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Goodwill. It’s not just for Christmas

December 19, 2013

It’s nearly Christmas. The time for goodwill to all men… News travelled round the virtual world recently of a café in France that charges differently according to the level of politeness shown by each customer. Jut order “a coffee” at the Le Petite Syrah cafe in Nice and you’ll be asked 7 euros. But a […]

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A matter of Degrees

September 4, 2013

The consequences of the post war baby boom continue to affect us and the markets in which we operate. The economic aftershocks of this one-off disruption to the population structure are not finished. Just wait for all those boomers to hit old age, with a reducing young (working) population to support their care through the […]

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Emotional Rescues

June 4, 2013

Countless inner city pubs have gone for good in recent years: neglected, overlooked, and in most cases still trading to a demographic that had moved away, lost its jobs, got no money – or sadly for many, all of the above. The end was inevitable for many such pubs, those that still did what they’d […]

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November 29, 2012

I’m a member of The Co-operative. I’m a customer of the Co-op bank. I admire the movement’s values. All good. So far. This summer, a long-awaited new food store opened in our village: the co-op (with a small c for reasons that will become apparent) relocated over the road into a smart, sympathetically designed, larger […]

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